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The solution exists. The challenge is making sure that every child gets the diagnosis, treatment and care they need. 

Through fundraising, distribution, partnerships, and advocacy, we provide chemotherapy care packages, patient and familial support for Nigerian pediatric patients. Often overshadowed by headline issues, it is easy for childhood cancer to slip down the list of public health priorities. Disease awareness is low. Opportunities for early diagnosis are missed. Referrals are often delayed. And there are not enough health workers with the specialist skills to diagnose and treat the disease. It is children and families that pay the price



Folakemi has been exposed to cancer her whole life. By losing her grandfather to leukemia and her father later being diagnosed with cancer when she was 2, the risk of cancer for her genetically has always been high.
Through the NCRP she has consulted with doctors and health professionals to ensure everything contained in a Chemotherapy Care Package is filled with helpful items for both patients and their family members.


Folakemi Fregene launched NCRP at the age of 14. Before that, she became the author and illustrator of "DNA Makes You, YOU!" in which she currently hosts live book reading events in various libraries and elementary schools to spread awareness in promoting scientific literature for early children's education. 

Nigerian Cancer Relief Project was founded by high school student Folakemi Fregene at the age of 15. She had hoped to honor five of her loved ones while spreading love to a vulnerable community.

Starting in 6th grade, Folakemi utilized her passion for art to raise money to fund her father's cancer treatments. 


This pushed her efforts to raise money for their medical care and cancer research by selling crafts such as paintings and handmade jewelry on social media. Unfortunately, when her grandfather, aunt, and uncle were diagnosed and passed as a result it affected her family greatly, and Folakemi channeled her grief into making a tangible impact.

Wishing to mirror her family's deep support, Folakemi founded the nonprofit Nigerian Cancer Relief Project July of 2021. She sought to foster the same caring environment for these children that her father and grandfather had created for her. NCRP started small, with a few members in Texas, but grew steadily.

In 2021, with the onslaught of the pandemic, Folakemi and her team worked tirelessly to transition NCRP's service programs, events and fundraisers, and outreach to a fully virtual format. From there, unimaginable growth blossomed.

Today, as a large international youth-led nonprofit organization aiding kids with cancer around the world, Folakemi looks back and reflects on NCRP's journey three years ago: "Nigerian Cancer Relief Project has changed my life—there are no words for how much love I have in my heart for this organization.


Never in my wildest dreams did I think we could become what we are today. I am so incredibly proud and thankful for every NCRP volunteer, team member, partner, mentor, and supporter I have met along this whirlwind journey. And, I am immensely grateful to NCRP for giving me the chance to meet the bravest and strongest patients and families, as well as exceptionally kind and passionate youth.

Nigerian Cancer Relief Project's founder and volunteers now dedicate their lives to helping kids battling this disease.

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"DNA Makes You, You"Pre school Pick! 

Representation is important, especially for young children. As part of our initiative at NCRP, we strive to promote stem literacy across Nigerian schools.

NCRP is increasing healthcare accessibility for patients. Starting with the very first Chemotherapy Care Package (CCP) recipient.

August 16th, 2007

In 2007 Folakemi's Father was diagnosed with cancer with leukemia. After treatment, chemotherapy, and periods of remission, he was later diagnosed with gastric cancer in 2022.


January 2nd, 2023

Folakemi's father preparing for surgery to repair problems due to gastric cancer.

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